Accelerating Financial Inclusion in India: Perspectives & Challenges

India FinTech Forum along with 50K Ventures organised Fintech Policy Roundtable to discuss Regulatory Changes Required to Accelerate Financial Inclusion in India. It was attended by CXOs of fintech ecosystem. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Shankar Vaddadi, Strategy and Policy Committee Member of India FinTech Forum and Founder of i-Lend.

Date: 27th July 2019

Venue: 50K Ventures Corporate Office, Hyderabad

The highlights of the Roundtable are:

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FinTech Policy Roundtable in Hyderabad

India FinTech Forum is organising a FinTech Policy Roundtable on Regulatory Policy Changes Required to Accelerate Financial Inclusion in India. 

Date: 27th July 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: 50K Ventures Corporate Office, Jublilee Enclave Road, Hyderabad (map link).


This Roundtable will be moderated by Mr. Shankar Vaddadi, Strategy and Policy Committee Member of India FinTech Forum and Founder of i-Lend. We have received confirmation from the following guests:

 Name   Company   Designation 
 Abhishek Agarwal CreditVidya Co – Founder & CEO
 Arindam Banerrji Wells Fargo EVP & Head of Technology (India & Philippines)
 Bala Parthasarathy MoneyTap CEO and Co-Founder
 Harsha Vanama HSBC Vice President
 J.A. Chowdary Government of India Chairman, India Blockchain Standards Committee
 Manish Muralidharan CredRight Pvt Ltd Head – Credit and Operations
 Rohan Lawrence Menezes CHD Group Chief Operating Officer & Board Advisory
 Sanjay Enishetty 50K Ventures MD and CEO
 Sasidhar Thumuluri Sub-K Managing Director & CEO
 Sidhartha Sinha  JP Morgan Chase Vice President
 Vishnu Nair  J. Sagar Associates  Partner

This is a random list to show the mix of participants from banks, financial services firms and fintech startups. This is not an exhaustive list.

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FinTech Policy Roundtable in Hyderabad

India FinTech Forum along with 50K Ventures is organising a FinTech Policy Roundtable discussion on Regulatory Policy Changes Required to Accelerate Financial Inclusion in India.

Date: 27th July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Venue: 50K Ventures Corporate Office, Hyderabad

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Highlights of Fintech Policy Roundtable on RBI’s Regulatory Sandbox

India FinTech Forum organised a Fintech Policy Roundtable to discuss the RBI’s Regulatory Sandbox at S P Jain School of Global Management. It was attended by CXOs of various fintech firms and the discussion was moderated by Mr. Sameer Jaini, Founder – The Digital Fifth. These discussion points will be shared with RBI.

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An Answer to Your Questions About Cryptocurrency Transactions

During the last couple of years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased tremendously, thanks to the decreasing popularity of fiat-based systems and the potential high-profit margins being offered.

As you probably know how cash, banks, and online money work, it is equally important to get a better understanding of how digital currency transactions take place. At this time, there are numerous knowledge pages that aim to explain the basics of the crypto market.

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FinTech Lawyer Blog – Introduction

The finance industry, because of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts technology is undergoing a phase of disruption. The new structural changes and anticipated movement of customer preferences are discussed at global forums such as IMF, WEF, and OECD.The European Union is putting in place directives such as PSD2 & GDPR and opening doors for Open Banking. Certain industry leaders such as Mr. Chris Skinner and Mr. Brett King are proposing Virtual Banking. In India, Reserve Bank of India has already issued bank licenses to Indian companies. This may be the first step towards Virtual Banking in India. India is also ready with Payment and Settlement Bill, 2018 and Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018. Apart from banking, insurance, deposits, andlending, capital raising, investment management, andmarket provisioning would also see a disruption.

Simply put, the “trust gap” that blockchain would fill, prescriptive strategies that artificial intelligence would help businesses implement, predictive consulting that artificial intelligence would provide and enforceability gap that smart contracts could bridge, shall force business leaders to rethink their current business models.

So why does this inspire me to talk to you about FinTech? Perfect question. The Revolution is happening as 44 countries have already set up “Regulatory Sandbox” to understand the implication of these technologies on credit risks, liquidity risks and systemic risks that an economy faces. However, these technological disruptions would require regulators to understand whether old principles of risk mitigation and monetary policies would still apply or they would have to innovate new methods.

To understand the strategies for regulations or to put together a new business model, or to offer a unique customer experience; not only we should look at technologies, but also principles of monetary policy, present and proposed regulations, and financial risks mitigation principles.

Keep watching this space for more insights.


Oz Forensics from Russia bags the prestigious Fintech Startup of the Year trophy at India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2018

India FinTech Forum organized India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2018, the most prestigious fintech awards in India, on 30th November, 2018 at Mumbai.

After 20 innovative fintech product demos, Oz Forensics from Russia won the prestigious Fintech Startup of the Year trophy and a cash prize of INR 1 lac sponsored by Perfios. As part of the award, Oz Forensics will get an opportunity to showcase their product at LendIt Fintech USA 2019 in SanFrancisco, which is one of the world’s leading events in Financial Services Innovation.

Government of Maharashtra was the Chief Strategic Partner, and the event was hosted at the iconic Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). IFTA 2018 saw the participation of startups and delegates from over 10 countries. Medici was the Strategic Partner and helped in selecting the top 20 fintech startups from over 250 applicants. These finalists showcased their product in front of the panel of judges and industry leaders to compete for the IFTA Startup of the Year 2018 award. Knowledge Partner Ernst & Young managed the entire evaluation process to arrive at the IFTA 2018 winners.

Shri J A Chowdary, Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,India said, “We have not even scratched the surface of the ocean in fintech. There are lot ofopportunities in financial inclusion, fintech in healthcare, in education, in agriculture, fintech in government. There is so much to do in fintech here. I think it is a great time for the entrepreneurs, forstartup companies, even for multinational fintech companies for the Indian market.”

Mr. Mahesh Makhija, Partner and Leader, Digital and FinTech, EY said, “I’m very happy to be here atIFTA today. We’re launching a couple of things at IFTA. The first is the EY India Fintech Compendiumwhich has all the top use cases that fintechs are working on today. The second is the EY India Fintech Hub, an online collaboration portal where fintechs can lay out their solution, see what EY India has tooffer and we’re building a community around that so banks can also be a part of that portal.”

Ms. Louise Smith, Head of Design and Transformation, RBS said, “India FinTech Forum engages thefintech community really well, and actually facilitates collaboration. Therefore, each year this community is growing. I am excited about India to actually see more people talking about building a business, notjust building tech or building proposition.”

SP Jain School of Global Management, in association with other eminent industry members, is establishing Association for Emerging Technologies in India (AETI). Mr. Vikram Pandya, Director – Fintech, SP Jain School of Global Management spoke about AETI at IFTA 2018.

Winners at IFTA 2018

IFTA Fintech Rising Stars:

The following three startups won the Fintech Rising Star trophies:

  • Appnomic Systems, India
  • Hydrogen, USA
  • Ezetap, India

Category Awards at IFTA 2018:Sucharita Mukherjee Co-founder & CEO, Kaleidofin Private Limited received the award in the Woman Leader in Fintech category, while Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO, NPCI was recognized as the Fintech Leader of the Year. PolicyBazaar won the Best Fintech Marketing Campaign and Royal Bank of Scotland bagged the Most Innovative Bank of the Year award.

Most Innovative Fintech Product award was bagged by vPhrase, and Value3 Advisory in the lending category. The Financial Inclusion Initiative of the Year was awarded to PayJoy, and Eduvanz in the lending category.

Mr. Manav Jeet, MD & CEO, Rubique and member of the Strategy Policy Committee of India FinTechForum said, “The essence of fintech is how you are going to use technology, whether it is machinelearning, AI or blockchain, to ease out end consumer’s pain.” He also said, “Fintech is evolving in India. This is a great platform to exchange ideas, understand each other’s pain areas, and how we can collaborate with each other, because that is the need of the hour.”