“Time to invest in innovations” – Abhishek Kothari, Co-founder at FlexiLoans

We started our Fintech Leadership Talks with one of the most pivoted members of the Fintech Community – Mr. Abhishek Kothari who is the Co-Founder of FlexiLoans.

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S1 E1 Fintech Leadership Series: Abhishek Kothari, Co-founder at FlexiLoans


During this interaction, Abhishek discussed the economic impact of when credit is available to MSMEs easily and how it leads to economic growth(1min:30sec).

Due to the pandemic, MSME lenders have been hit from both ends i.e supply of money as well as demand of money(5min:59sec). However, business is a long-term bet and the effects of the pandemic shall pass in the next 6 to 12 months. Moreover, the time spent to create and innovate during this time is what will matter once the pandemic is over.

Abhishek also discussed about various government policies taken during the pandemic. He mentioned that while moratorium has been provided to borrowers, it is only a blanket on top of the problem. (7min:49sec).

It will be paramount to see who all can pay when the time arrives to clear their dues. Most financial crisis have led to an increase in Non-Performing Assets. However, the government is primarily working on building a shock absorbing capacity for the after effects of the pandemic.

Most businesses will start reviving their activities by next year. Abhishek pointed out that while there might be a long way to go, the time spent to innovate now will have a positive impact on businesses once they resume. (11min:10sec)

FlexiLoans has taken an additional step by helping its consumers to manage their businesses in a better manner during the pandemic! We also look forward to seeing their new product launches due in November that may take the lending space by a storm!

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