“Investing as a life skill should be taught in colleges” – Urvi Babla, Co-Founder at TrakInvest

This episode of The Fintech Leadership Series was extremely special to me! A woman entrepreneur in the Fintech space is rather admirable.

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S1 E2 Fintech Leadership Series: Urvi Babla, Co-Founder at TrakInvest

During my conversation with Urvi, we talked about how it is to leave a stable job and start a company. What she clearly pointed out was that this decision was a calculated risk(6min:28sec). Talking about her company – TrakInvest, it provides a platform to new to market investors to start trading in a virtual risk free environment(7min:54sec). It aims to provide a structured approach to new investors so that they understand and learn about the stock market efficiently.

‘Investing as a life skill should be taught in colleges’(10min:52sec). This statement holds so much value. No matter which profession you belong to, you need to know and understand various ways to grow your money. Barring the top 5% of the Indian Population, nobody invests their salary. We need to make investing a part of our culture.

The philosophy of TrakInvest is to focus on a theoretical knowledge as well as show the implementation of the same in practical world. Trakinvest has brought in traders from all over the world to help bridge the gap between information and the investment market. (12min:52sec). Trakinvest has also built university partnerships to run finance courses which helps to build knowledge as well bridge the employability gap.

Urvi also discussed about the impact of various government policies in the Fintech space. She mentioned that while the government is still trying to figure out all the policies, Blockchain can be used in a positive way to change businesses(18min:24sec).

The govt needs to study the impact of cryptocurrency and weigh the benefits against the cons.
Urvi mentioned that most of the population is on a corporate ladde, where social impact isn’t a part of the story.  Trakinvest focuses on making a difference to the lives of people(20min:55sec). They connect with various Tier2/Tier 3 colleges where placements are an issue and offer jobs to them post trainings.

While the pandemic has taken over all our lives, we should find new ways to reduce the impact on our lives. To all budding entrepreneurs, focus on micro innovations to make learning more exciting(24min:05sec). And finally, it is all about mental strength and setting boundaries in between your work life and home life!

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